Money Doesn't Grow On Trees... You Mine It!

Download Our Product Brochure On All Of Our Rigs That Are Available To Buy. With prices starting from as low as £2,500 for base units.

Why Crypto Mining Rigs?

Zero Experience Required
All of our rigs are built to be plug & play. No expertise in crypto mining or technology is needed to get started mining and earn a passive income.
Full Specs & Estimated Earnings
See how much each of our rigs could make you on a monthly basis. Our specs give you all the information you need to choose the rig that's right for you.
Rigs Care Advise
Our brochure is packed with advice on how to care for our rigs, as well as other considerations you'll need to think about before your purchase.
Optimal Performance
Discover why our closed, pre-built mining rigs are the superior choice in the market. Buying a rig has never been easier!

Start Earning Straight Away

All of our rigs are built to order, with no previous mining other than testing. Our products are quality checked to ensure stability, build quality and hash rate. We also offer an installation service where one of our experts will hand-deliver and set up your brand new rig(s) 

Our Crypto Mining Winners

"I've got the 10 rigs all setup in my outhouse and it was as easy as putting in the flash drives and turning them on. Pulling in an expected £92,000 per year!"


10 x 2060s Rigs

"Money printer go brrr!

Haha. thanks guys for all your help"


3 x 1660s Rigs

"Thanks guys, you made it easy to get going. I keep on checking how they're doing on my phone. I love the feeling of waking up having made more than I will at work the next day."


6 X 1660s Rigs + 3 2060s Rigs

Make Money While You Sleep